The Flame of Time

The Orb of Hammerfall

After the attack on Giliforde; Amarella, Darella and Leomourn all woke up to see a dwarf and an elf standing at the bottom of their beds. They were the two figures who walked over the battle field and saved them. The oddest thing about these two figures is that there were tongues of fire above their heads. The elf said that they had them above their heads as well, though they had never seen such a thing. All five knew no more of the flames above their heads, though agreed that it was something that brought them together. Delgen informed them that he was given a letter from a fellow priest of Moradin saying to come to Giliforde to talk to a scholar within the university. Amalyn also said that someone informed her that her mother had ties with the local librarian of Giliforde.

After finding out that the university was killed by goblin attacks and zombie like minions, and finding out that the librarian was the cause of this whole curse, they all agreed to travel together without the leads.

Delgen was given a letter instructing him to go to Giliforde talk to a scholar, gather a party and then return and await for another letter at Ale and Port. The three humans, so far away from Dragonsmouth, now with an introduction to a new world and questions to be answered agreed to travel to Hammerfall.

They traveled to Raven’s Pointe and waited for the arrival of the second letter. That night they meet Jimmy Magesblood. Jimmy claimed to have business partners in Hammerfall that he was on the way to visit and offered to serve as the party’s guide.

With the shifty-eyed and somewhat badger-like Jimmy in the lead the party traveled northwards. During the trip Delgen struck up a friendship with the young lad causing Jimmy to become surprisingly chatty and open about his personal life. When Jimmy confided in the party about the existence of secret treasure hidden within Hammerfall, a white feathered arrow flew from the forest and pierced Jimmy’s throat. The party was unable to find any trace of the assassin and, worse still were unable to save Jimmy. After giving Jimmy a quick yet respectful burial the party moved on, and though no one said it out loud they were all a little relieved that something had finally shut Jimmy up.

The party arrived at Hammerfall, only to find that the city had been suffering two evils. The first being that the orb in the center of the town had been stolen. The dwarves of this town believed the orb to bring great luck and protection to them. Second, the town was being attacked by unknown beasts in the night, killing mainly women and children.

The orb was given to the town as a gift, by an old Mage named Jerimond. He lived in Hammerfall many years ago. He protected them and in turn he lived with them and was able to live in privacy. In his last years he cast spells upon the orb to change it’s function. It now protected the town of Hammerfall and brought great fortune. The curse of the orb was that when he relinquished possession of the orb he became very ill, and later died. The dwarves of Hammerfall later erected a statue of Jerimond to commemorate all he did for them, and mounted the orb upon his staff.

After much conflict and with great coercion the party realized that the orb was stolen by a human boy named Cole Jankins, who was trying to use it to break into the old wizard’s tower to take his treasures so he could elope with Petra, the young dwarveness whom he loved. The orb gone from its rightful place bestowed a curse upon the whole of Hammerfall, turning the male dwarves into murderous beasts.

After finding Jerimond’s true treasure room, the party left Hammerfall victoriously, with a blessing from the temple of Moradin that proved to be more useful than they thought…



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