Amalyn Cindeowyn


An elf who uses magic, and magic stuff…and is possessed by a fire demon.


To fully understand Amalyn Cindeowyn, one must take into consideration the unusual nature of her conception and birth. Amalyn was the unplanned result of a tumultuous and passionate affair between Deomer Cindeowyn, a powerful wizard and one of King Moonstalker’s most trusted advisors, and Pamalyn Maldranthe, a beautiful, conniving sorceress.

As a sorceress Pamalyn was naturally gifted in the arcane arts and was able to instinctively harness magic. Elven law decreed that all magic users enroll themselves in one of the official colleges of the elf kingdom for proper training, but Pamalyn considered the schools a means of controlling and manipulating magic users for the King’s benefit. Though she might have escaped the elven nobles’ notice with a bit of discretion, she found it much more satisfying to use her substantial talents to challenge and mock the elf government.

As Pamalyn’s notoriety increased, King Moonstalker assigned Deomer, his most trusted agent, to track down and capture the rogue sorceress. Deomer proved himself more than fit for the task and, after years of hunting her, finally subdued the wild mage. During this time something unexpected happened: despite the circumstances in which fate had placed them, the two elves found themselves falling in love with one another.

Nevertheless Deomer followed his orders and brought Pamalyn to the elf capital where she was imprisoned for her crimes. However fate had one more cruel trick to play upon the two lovers — Pamalyn was pregnant. The conflicted Deomer kept a close watch upon Pamalyn until the birth of their daughter. With this newest complication Pamalyn took a chance and attempted a daring escape.

Deomer was the first to respond and soon found himself caught in a vicious fight for his life. While Pamalyn and he were more or less evenly matched she managed to gain the upper hand and mortally wound him. Though she had a chance to escape with her daughter, Pamalyn could not leave Deomer to die and chose to tend his wounds, saving his life but ensuring her re-capture

However Deomer repaid Pamalyn’s uncharacteristic kindness. He created a magic portal through which Pamalyn could escape and reclaim her freedom but asked her to leave their daughter in his custody. Pamalyn struggled with the decision but ultimately agreed to the proposition and she escaped, alone, through the portal.

In the decades that followed Amalyn was raised by her father.

Amalyn Cindeowyn

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