Darella Darkeyes

Femvoy to Shadow Realm

Rogue Human Level 10

Guildmaster of: Thieves Guild, Dragonsmouth branch
Knowner of: Shadow Ring and Many Luxurious Items
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Ex Wielder of
Shiny Rapier: Keen, Speed, Masterwork
Trident: Dances, stores 1 spell, particularly spell of dancing


Shadow Ring

  • Shadow Mantle
  • Ball of Darkness
  • Shade’s Caress
  • Fingerdrain
  • Shadow Dagger

Pants of Teleportation

Webbed Boots

Has been nicknamed: Darella the Twice Decapitated Amputee of an Alternate Reality.
Ask at your own risk. It’s a sensitive subject.

At a young age

Asleep in her quiet, dark room in a little coastal port town, Dragonsmouth, Darella dreamed of a happy future. A future filled with blue skies, warm winters, cool summers. A future where she would work in her family’s inn, alongside her sister, Amarella and their parents. They would be the most adored family in town, with wealth beyond imagining; enough to travel between continents whenever they pleased. It was a pleasant dream. A dream that she would never forget.

The next morning, she awoke to find her world in pieces. Her parents were not to be seen.

Always believing that her parents abandoned their young twins, Darella grew cold and hard. Being forced to take over the The Shadow of the Sun Inn at such a young age left her little time for anything or anybody else. Her schooling ceased, beginning to learn on her own. Her friendships crumbled, withdrawing into her basement. As she grew, she hid in the world’s shadows, keeping close watch on passersby. She trusted nobody but her dearest friend, her sister.

Her heart weakened at such an age, she built fortifications around herself over the years. Even beginning a family of her own was a foreign concept. But, she couldn’t wrap her sister in with her, much to her dismay. Understanding why Amarella was the first to find love, Darella widened her circle of trust to that one person; Leomourn Stalkingwolf. Well, “trust” isn’t much known to Darella. Let’s just say that Amarella was all she held dear, if she ever betrayed their relationship, she would be forever alone.

A few dark, cold winters passed. Little had happened, when a stranger appeared at the docks on which Leomourn worked. He pleaded for Leomourn’s help; the last option to save King Tyric’s kingdom, Giliforde. Knowing as little of his family heritage as the distant faces of his parents who abandoned him, Leomourn discovered that he is the nephew of Tyric, King of Giliforde. Little time passed when, selfishly bewildered by the idea of one day sitting on a throne, he agreed to the journey. Amarella, not thinking twice about letting him go alone, joined… and so followed Darella.

Out of Dragonsmouth, into the strange, open sea she ventured, watching as time passed, from her sister’s shadow.

Much time passed, when Darella learned that her dream was merely an implanted facade.
Standing beside herself all those years ago, she watched as her parents were dragged off into the night, possibly never to be seen again.

“They will all pay. One way or another.” -DD

Darella Darkeyes

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