Delgen Shardhammer

The one that's a dwarf


Like this:
Highlander connery ramirez,
but a dwarf.

A young Delgen after a long day at the mines.

Oh snap! It was young Delgen the whole time! What a twist!


It was in the early years of The Dry Age when the Shardhammers, one of the minor Dwarven clans, discovered a vast underground reservoir within one of their many unsuccessful mines. Belthrozar, the clan’s Grandfather, shrewdly transitioned the mine’s focus from gems and precious metals to harvesting the reservoir’s vast stores of water. Within a few years the Shardhammers had completely reversed their fortunes, becoming one of the most powerful and wealthy Dwarf clans in all of Reinland. This was the environment that in which Delgen, the youngest of Belthrozar’s many children, was born.

Being the youngest child in a society that placed great importance on age, Delgen was driven to prove his worth not only to himself, but also to his father. As a young adult Delgen was appointed as one of the clan’s business emissaries and often journeyed to the surface to oversee the clan’s dealings. During this time he developed a rather hefty ego as well as a refined fashion sense. However, despite his arrogance, Delgen also displayed a natural talent for negotiation and diplomacy, bringing further monetary gain to his clan.

Unfortunately, just as Delgen felt he had begun to gain the approval of his father, the Dry Age came to a swift and unexpected end. The Shardhammer Clan’s vast reserves of water were suddenly rendered completely worthless. Delgen was forced to watch as all the prestige and wealth he had struggled so hard to gain for his family slip away.

The Shardhammer clan was thrown into disarray and much of the blame for their misfortune was laid at Belthrozar’s feet. Delgen, always seeking his father’s approval, vowed to restore the clan’s honor. He began a program to expand the clan’s mines, seeking to delve deeper into the earth than any dwarf clan had dared before in the hopes of discovering undiscovered riches. These efforts were highly involved, spanning over a century. During this time Delgen married the fair dwarven commoner Gimalsia and, though he would know many women during his exceptionally long life, for the first and only time fell in love.

Delgen took Gimalsia as his wife and, eventually, the two conceived a son, Heimdall, which only strengthened Delgen’s determination to restore the honor of the Shardhammer clan in order to give his a son a future worth living in. In Dwarven society marriages are often arranged by clan leaders for political reasons and Delgen’s choice to wed the clanless Gimalsia only further strained his relationship with his father.

As the years wore on, Delgen began to take his team of loyal miners deeper and deeper within the earth, unknowingly penetrating the foul realm known as the Underdark. Although Delgen and his crew found many riches within the depths of the earth, it was never enough to satiate his desire for wealth, and so Delgen and his miners continued to dig ever deeper.

Eventually or inevitably (depending on your point of view) the team dug too deep, and in a terrible accident Delgen and his miners stumbled upon the Mindflayer civilization. Losing his team, including his brother Darel, to the foul Illithids, Delgen was forced to flee back to his home.

Delgen returned home to face the ultimate disgrace and shame amongst his clan. Belthrozar’s eldest son, Dolemite, began a smear campaign against his brother and father, hoping to take control of the clan for himself. These political machinations led to Delgen being exiled to the surface of Reinland for his actions. Unbeknownst to him, in his absence the Shardhammer clan descended into civil war amongst themselves until they were wiped out by the Illithids, who had followed Delgen’s trail from the Underdark to the clan’s home.

Delgen spent the next century wondering Reinland’s surface attempting to eke out a new life for himself. He traveled far and wide from glittering peaks of the Hals Mountains to the well-trodden streets of Raven’s Pointe. Though much of his time on the surface was spent in a drunken stupor, Delgen nevertheless found himself entwined in numerous adventures during his wondering years. From the taming of the Bulette hoards in Dreadwood to the founding of the Drinker’s Guild of Reinland, he was unable to keep himself from becoming involved in the affairs of others. Though he would always deny it, Delgen’s innate goodness and empathy made him a natural leader. Wherever he went he seemed to inspire those around him to great feats, though he could never find peace within himself and continued his nomadic lifestyle.

Eventually, in a fit of inebriated nostalgia, Delgen found himself returning to the ruins of the Shardhammer mines. Upon returning he found the grisly remains of his people and the unmistakable evidence of a Mindflayer attack. Overcome with guilt and grief, Delgen made his way to the temple of Moradin. Under the guidance of the temple’s priests the venerable dwarf sought atonement and dedicated the remainder of his life to the spread of Good throughout the world.

However, despite his good intentions, Delgen’s brash and independent nature had not mellowed with age and he made few friends amongst the Dwarven clergy. Even after several years he remained at the bottom of the clergy’s hierarchy, relegated to the most basic and undesirable duties. One fateful day he was given the simple assignment of delivering a letter to Giliforde. Resigning himself to a long and uneventful journey, Delgen made his way to Raven’s Pointe, hoping to find transportation to Giliforde. There he met a young elf mage, Amalyn Cindeowyn, and the two formed an unlikely bond.

The girl had fled her home hoping to find her estranged mother, and Delgen took it upon himself to guide and protect the naive and fiesty wizard. Together they braved the dangers of the wilderness and found themselves caught up in The Siege of Giliforde. Together he and Amalyn fought with the combined army of the elves and dwarves and helped saved Giliforde from the hoards of the nefarious orc barbarian, Tuk Manhammer.

In the aftermath of the battle the two rescued the wounded heroes of Giliforde, Leomourn Stalkingwolf and the twins, Amarella and Darella Darkeyes. Whether it was luck or divine grace that brought the five unlikely companions together, no one knows, but the tales of their heroic deeds will never be forgotten.

After numerous trials and adventures with his companions, Delgen was inducted into the elite organization known as the Time Fixers upon the recommendation of one of their top agents, Griff Byron. Serving under Byron for a time, Delgen was promoted to the rank of Master and Commander after the frost giant, Fafnir, stole one of the hands of the Cosmic Clock. Delgen was given his own ship, The Hammerhead, and immediately began pursuit of the evil giant. Not only was Fafnir a threat to the timestream itself, but he held a personal vendetta against Delgen’s close friend, Leomourn.

Delgen Shardhammer

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