A Mind-Flayer who manipulates the heroes though at times he aids them.

First seen when he murdered and impersonated Bellamin and asked the heroes to find and bring him a list. He revealed that he had in his possession the parents of both Amarella and Darella Darkeyes, who were thought to be dead. He also stated that Pamalyn Cindeowyn the mother of Amalyn Cindeowyn was working for him.

After the party found The list they were drugged and used as slaves for a mining expedition, during this time Eldranoth stole the list. After the PCs escaped the enslavement, Eldranoth asked them to retrieve a locket that was taken from him by a vile witch, in exchange for the location of Haradon, Leomourn’s father.

In the Witch’s monologue she revealed that Langston Cavendish was the man who became Eldranoth, a source of guilt and self-loathing for Eldranoth saying the Illithid flees from sleep like a vampire does the dawn and he is haunted by his dreams.

Eldranoth notably learned to take down The Æther and then became the first lich to ever walk on Rienland, becoming an Alhoon. Eldranoth had written within the Book of Creation and learned the secrets of becoming undead.

Zaerith and Wind were chasing Eldranoth for breaking the natural laws of life and unlife. He was last seen on the Pons Observatorium and jumped into the abyss. Followed by his pursuers.

Eldranoth contacted the Heroes telepathically as he was racing through space-time, and told them how to get the The Keys, evidently surviving the plunge into the Far Realm.



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