Leomourn Stalkingwolf

Born: Alandrasdai, the 12th day of Frost, in the year 3491


Leomourn wearing the helmet given to him when he became the Captain of the Guard for Kraggenmoor.

Archer 1 1 1
Fighter Human Level 7

HP: 55
AC: 20

*Bow of Storms
Shock 1d6
Thunder 2d8

*Crossbow of Graves
5/day, imbue a bolt inflicting light wounds for 2d8+5

*Ember Blade
Flaming 1d6

*Wight Armor
Dark Vision 60 ft
Invisible to Undead

*Bracers of the Archer King
5 charges


As a young boy, Leomourn and his parents lived happily and freely together in peace. When Leomourn was eight winters old, he awoke to find himself alone in the world. He searched until exhaustion, but he never found his parents. A wandering family found him and invited him to journey with them. He does so until he feels ready to wander alone. For fifteen years he traveled, never staying in one place too long, always searching for answers. He happens upon a cozy inn on the shore in a town called Dragonsmouth and meets someone who he can’t bear to leave. He breaks his pattern of moving from one town to another and settles in this bustling city. He falls in love with Amarella Darkeyes and finally feels the happiness he was missing. The day the man from the kingdom afar came, Leomourn learned of an uncle he knew nothing about, as well as his own bloodties to royalty. The kingdom was perishing, so Leomourn along with Amarella and her sister Darella, began their journey to save lives.

Leomourn Stalkingwolf

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