Lunaria Stalkingwolf


Mother of Leomourn Stalkingwolf. She met and fell in love with Haradon Stalkingwolf and they married. She later revealed that she was a Moonchilde, one who worshipped Al’handra. She was a lycanthrope as well, Haradon was fine with this, though he knew that his people would not accept her as their queen. So they decided to elope, Tyric Stalkingwolf, Haradon’s younger brother agreed to assume the throne so that Haradon and Lunaria could live freely. They fled the country and traveled the world, always on the move so that Lunaria could bathe in the purest moonlight.

Until one night she (and purportedly Leomourn) were stolen away by the Frost J├Âtunn Fafnir.


Lunaria Stalkingwolf

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