Malgrim Do'arn


A drow necromancer who was robbing graves and unearthing tombs to steal ancient skulls to perform an old ritual long forgotten. This ritual was used by the dark elves long ago, to convene with their fallen leaders. A skull is prepared in a peculiar manner and then a spell is cast upon it.

“Every thing that happens cause a vibration, and certain things retain a certain vibration, and skulls retain all our memories that have ever happen to us, this spell pulls forth these memories in the form of a talking head.” Liminster Do’Alin
The spell creates a magically animated head from an old cracked skull. Malgrim created five such heads, his intentions are still unknown.

Bellamin finally came in the year 3514 and killed Malgrim and cast this same spell on his skull as a form of punishment.

“You see we are not ourselves, we are not spirits, we are not even shadows of ourselves. We are merely a magically animated manifestation of the life of the person who used this skull in their life. You understand? This existence is less than a hell, we are not real, we are not a spirit, we are just memories.” Throgar Stonebender

Bellamin took all six heads and consulted them for questions of history and magic and friendship, since it was hard for him to find otherwise.


Malgrim Do'arn

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