Maximillian Davenport


A fast talking libertine, who is witty and narcissistic. He was the son of a whore from Redcliffe. His mother was in the cargo hold of a ship when he was born and she left him there. Thus he claims he was born on the sea, and he grew up on the sea. He never owned his own ship caused by his untimely death.

His lover at the time burned down the hut he was sleeping in, when she found out that Maximillian was sleeping with her brother. Her brother was in the same hut, in the bed with Maximillian.

Maximillian owned a pistol and claims to be the quickest draw on all the seas. Though his gun was lost in the fire.

Maximillian died in the year 3312, only 10 years before The Condemnation.

Maximillian Davenport

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