Due to the Time Fixers’s long-time alliance with the Modron each Fixer Zeitspringer is equipped with an array of 288 Modron (1^1 Quadrone, 2^2 Tridrone, 3^3 Duodrone, and 4^4 Monodrone). The array, under command of a Quadrone, is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their assigned Zeitspringer.

Perceptor was built by the Collective to command the Modron array of The Hammerhead, and initially served under Rear Admiral Cornelius Koldyron during the ship’s early voyages. The quadrone’s stern and serious demeanor, along with his insistence on following regulation often brought him into conflict with Koldyron’s XO,Delgen Shardhammer, and his more relaxed interpretation of the Time Fixer code of conduct. During this time Perceptor was also given the nickname “Percy” by Shardhammer, an epithet the Modron despised at the time.

During one of the Hammerhead’s earliest encounters with Fafnir, both the ship and the giant were caught in a dangerous temporal storm and forced into direct conflict. Many crew members, including Adml. Koldyron, lost their lives in the skirmish. Caught in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the giant, Delgen and Percy overcame their differences. Working in tandem the two managed to repair damage to the vessel and escape the storm, leaving Fafnir trapped for some time.

Following the incident Delgen and Percy grew to trust one another, leading to Delgen appointing him as his sceond-in-command, rather than another Time Fixer officer — an action completely unheard of in the organization. Though the Modron were highly respected by the Time Fixers, no member of their race had ever been put in actual command of the vessel. Despite the doubts heaped on both of them, Commander Shardhammer rationalized his decision thusly, “There’s no one in any time, past or future, that cares more about this ship and her crew. Percy has shown time and again he has the head and the heart for the job, and whether he actually has either of those is besides the point.”

During the final voyages of the Hammerhead, Commander Shardhammer was asked why he had chosen Perceptis as a first officer, as opposed to the numerous other qualified crew members who’d served during its prestigious voyages. After a moment of silence the Commander only replied, “Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most…human.”


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