Sneed Katzroy

A notorious drifter and con-man who found himself raising a hero


We may never know the true origins of Sneed, a man who had as many backstories for himself as he had teeth (which is to say, twelve). At times he claimed to be the illegitimate son of Valerian nobleman, growing up in the back-alleys and brothels of Dragonsmouth while, hours later, fondly recalling a childhood raising Aurochs in Rienland with his farmer parents.

Whatever his past, Sneed’s place in history was assured when he stumbled upon a child in the Valerian wilderness. At the time he had been making his living as a snake-oil salesmen, traveling from town to town and outrunning his own dubious reputation. One fateful night, while trying to repair a broken carriage wheel, Sneed found himself under assault from an inappropriately enraged Dire Bear. As the conniving con-man cursed his fate, the fearsome beast was felled by a single arrow before his eyes.

Thus it was that Sneed met the young Leomourn Stalkingwolf, at the time nothing more than a feral child who had long ago lost his parents and was forced to fend for himself in the wilderness of a foreign land. Taken aback by the child’s natural skill at hunting and archery, Sneed took the boy under his disreputable wing, traveling all over Tyrr and often using him the boy as a plant in his sales pitches to trick the locals and other hapless rubes.

As Leomourn grew into manhood, the two found themselves in Dragonsmouth. Sneed, ever on the search for their next big score, brought them to the Viper’s Pit, an infamous fight club and betting parlor. Sneed, hoping to wing big on the gambling, instructed Leomourn to bet on the fighter mostly likely to win that night.

Sneed Katzroy

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