Surekh Al’Sharif



A dictator who lead an industrialization movement across Rienland, with aims of overthrowing the The Triumvirate and uniting Rienland under his rule. He had assembled many followers and had taken over many cities including Felden until his eventual fall in 3298 A.P..

He was aided in his acts, involuntarily, by a djinn called Tal Rasha. It is said he wished to never die, and thus the djinn granted him extended life but not health or youth. A little known fact is that thought djinns are magical beings and are under an ancient contract to grant wishes, they are not so powerful enough to grant certain wishes. To fulfill certain desires of their masters they must siphon magic from a more potent source. Tal Rasha siphoned the power of a Well, one of the many portals on the prime plane that is linked to the Elemental plane of water, the source of water in the material world. Siphoning the magic from this Well stopped the flow of water into the material plane, causing a drought.

The second wish was for wealth; in spite of the djinn, Surekh specified that Tal Rasha was to amass the wealth by hand, as punishment. For the third and final wish he asked for the power of a god. Tal Rasha not able to grant such power told Surekh about the The Book of Creation and funded three teams to venture into the Temple of Heroes to retrieve the Book.

Delgen Shardhammer wrote the death of Surekh Al’Sharif upon the yellowed pages of the Book of Creation Second Rigis of Hilt A.P. 3298, and in turn ended the 100 year drought.


Surekh Al’Sharif

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