Centuries ago a mortal called Sygg achieved godhood and left the continent of Valerius, the war and hatred that brewed within sickened him. Every flaw and mote bothered him. He escaped the law of men and the other gods. He roamed the world wholly in solitude for a time, thinking and learning.

Then one day he pulled out of the northern ocean, the continent now known as Rienland. He populated the new land with plants, some he borrowed from other lands, some he created. He then made insects and animals and all other things in the same fashion. He took elves from Corellon‘s realm and allowed them to awaken in the north, promising Corellonthat they could choose to still worship him if they so chose. He pulled stone from the earth in the south to create the mountainous land in which he planted the dwarfseeds from which he got from Moradin’s craggy hand. he placed halflings gnomes and humans in the south as well. The land was peaceful for a time, a utopia.

Sygg realized all too soon that becoming a god and creating a land with all these children would prove to be overwhelming. To ease the responsibility he decided that he needed aid. Trusting none other than himself, he decided to split himself.

The new god called himself Nyor. What the young god did not know is that when he split himself, he actually split his moral qualities both good and bad. Nyor was a darker, vengeful god. For a while the two brother gods lived in harmony. Sygg being forgiving and rewarding to his children gaining their worship with compassion. Nyor, instilling fear to gain followers and punishing the weak or those defiant to him.

One day, a storm blotted out the whole of the sky and day turned to night. Thunder and lighting filled the land for weeks, the people of Rienland believing this to be the end of the world. High above the darkness and clouds was the cause of the dreadful storm, two brother gods battling a mighty war. They fought over rule and expansion, Nyor attacked sygg, for want of full control. After weeks of godly battle Sygg bellowed: “As I created them, I created you; and thus I destroy you!” and so Sygg smote Nyor that day reabsorbing him into himself. Nyor was defeated, but not without first wounding Sygg. Ripping out Sygg’s eye, Nyor fell.

All the creations on Rienland, after hearing the dreadful exclamation from above the clouds, saw a speck of light high in the sky, after a loud clap of thunder. It slowly descended on the land, and fell from the sky and hit the earth with such a force that knocked the trees and every standing person to the ground. It rained harder than it had ever rained before or ever will.

The crater crater that was made by the fallen light filled with that rain and became Lake Lakrimo.

Sygg cried for two weeks after the battle. Over betrayal? Over the pain? Losing his eye? The one-eyed god hid from the world that day and has never been seen since. Some wonder if he hid out of frustration of his children, or his brother Nyor or out of humiliation.

Sygg, the one-eyed father god has left his children alone to fend for themselves.



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