Vinter Skyrunner

Second Hound of Al'handra



Born into a tribe of barbarians in the southlands of what was to become Giliforde. His father was the leader of the tribe. This tribe determined the expanse of their land by how far their leader could throw his spear from the base of the mountain, every time a new leader was appointed he threw his spear. This tribe killed their leader the day a single gray hair appeared on their head. When his father died Vinter panicked, he did not want to lead a people. His wife vowed to be his mirror, she searched his head every morning before he came out under the sun. She plucked those gray enemies, to save her lover. Someone within the tribe found out that she was doing this, and thus the tribe killed her. They tried to kill Vinter as well for lying. But he fought them off and fled

He lived in solitude, until a group of nomadic barbarians started to follow him, recognizing his charismatic leadership and athletic prowess. Vinter was a master warrior and strategist.

Vinter was a follower and warrior of Al’handra, he was visited by the spirit-wolf and was given the gift of varúlfr, the wolf-form.

He was killed by an unknown assassin for unknown reasons. Vinter is constantly calculating who, why and how he was killed. The tribe Vinter left never appointed a new leader, thus his spear remained there and to this day Giliforde’s rule extends to that point where it is said Vinter threw his spear.

Though unknown to Vinter at the time of his death, he was to be a father. This child was to become the next ruler of a tribe called Stjälkarvarg. The new tribe returned to the location of the first tribe, with the son of Vinter. Vinter’s son was just as skilled with blade and tongue. The mother of Vinter’s child returned to the tribe and regained control by challenge, Vinter’s son being victorious. This new tribe became Giliforde and the line of rulers become known as the Stalkingwolf Kings.

Vinter Skyrunner

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