Chapter Eleven

Mutantur omnia nos et mutamur in illis

After Alec had gathered his thoughts in a corner of the Hammerhead wrapped in a robe Delgen had draped over his shoulders; he recounted the mission that was to prove his worth as a Stormwalker. He was a Misting and was charged with traveling to the west and light a torch at what the Order called the Beacon. He was to bring the torch back to The Roost to wait for the Warriors of Tomorrow to arrive, so they could take the torch and trek across Rand El In to light the Eastern Beacon. Alec did not know why the warriors were to light the Beacon, for he was just a Misting; he said.

“Warriors of Tomorrow, huh?” Leomourn said, before he could say anything else there was an all to familiar intrusion of their thoughts. The voice of Eldranoth spoke to them.

“Greetings friends. There is not much time so I am going to be quick and concise. I am racing through space as we speak in the last Nautilus, my destination being Penumbra the vestigial capitol of my people. There is an ancient force in motion that can cast a shadow over all the foes who actively work against you, Malich and even his master are not even aware. I have ensured the dice fell in my favor, with your help of course. I will need your…expertise when the time comes. But for now, I need you to acquire the devices. They are in the chest you found in Bellamin’s Tower, beneath the skulls. It took a while to figure that one out. It was weirded that you were the ones to reclaim the devices that will control the Machine. I will meet you in Penumbra when you are ready. " Eldranoth’s voice echoed in their minds.

“What does that mean?” Leomourn asked, but just suddenly as the voice had come, it was gone. Darella was already elbow-deep within the chest that they had been carrying since they had first encountered Eldranoth. She reached in and grabbed a gun, and then screamed as she tried to pick up a second. The gonnes caused great pain when she tried to touch the other ones. The rest of the group gathered around and pondered.

After much debate and trial and error, the heroes came to the conclusion that they could only become the wielder of one gun each and anyone else attempting to use a gun they did not belong to, was met with great pain.

Armed with their new weapons the heroes marched upon The Roost.

Chapter Eleven

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