Chapter Four

Mim’s sons dance,
but the central tree takes fire,
at the resounding Giallar-horn.
Loud blows Heimdall,
his horn is raised; Odin speaks with Mim’s head.

No one moved, at first it seemed as if everyone was frozen in fear or confusion. Delgen looked around, no one aboard the Hammerhead shifted not even an eye. Percy was frozen in an animated pose. Leomourn looked at his parents on either side of his dying Uncle-King, they bore their emotions bare, like masks of horror and sadness frozen in pain. Darella stepped forth and touched the elderly Time Fixer who had spoken over the ceremony. He was as still as a dwarven statue.

“Something is wrong.” Amarella said. Delgen peered over to the other ship that was moored beside the floating temponaut, luckily the man called Malich and the ship on which he stood was seemingly suspended in time as well.

“Who is it going to be now?” Darella groaned, looking about.

A third tear in the sky appeared much smaller than the other two and it was at the edge of the terrace. Four dragons the size of large horses slowly stepped through the tear gracefully, as if landing from a slow glide. They processed in through the hole and walked forth and stood in a line at attention. The tear remained static, a colourful darkness was seen through the hole and seemingly poured through it like a black light from a hooded lantern.

“Oh great, dragons.” Leomourn said, rolling his eyes and reaching lethargically for his bow.

“Remain calm, Architects. We are not foes.” A voice deep voice said within their heads.

“Ours is a fate that necessitates haste.” Another voice said.

‘’Converge and we will bear you to the Aerie.’’ Said a third, that was more like the symphony of two mellifluent voices.

“What?” Leomourn asked, Darella was already walking forward and advancing upon one of the dragons and was caressing the multicoloured scales on it’s neck.

One of the dragons gracefully elevated effortlessly with a strong flap of his massive wings, he flew up to the Hammerhead and retrieved the dwarf. After all four heroes were upon their mounts they left the scene through the tear, Leomourn taking one last look a the frozen image of his parents on either side of his uncle stuck on the precipice of life and death, his cold eyes staring into his brother’s.

Chapter Four

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