Chapter Fourteen

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“How many steps?” Leomourn asked slowed down by dragging a hefty sack of treasure he had picked up from the fallen hammer when the Jarl was defeated. He leaped from the Hammerhead when he saw the coins bleed from the open chest. Though he could not left the hammer.

“Ten thousand.” Amarella said as she walked nearer to the foot of the mountain. She looked up the expanse of the stone hewn steps that were carved into the mountain. Stone edifices marked certain measurements up the staircase, perhaps they once housed guards or monks or maybe they were mean to be resting areas for the long trek up the steps. Now they stood but old shades of what they once were, moss and vine covered them and the stairs, the cruel effect of time had left it’s mark upon path. Torches pocked the ascent in the glow of crimson, as eternal flames lit the path to Heaven.

“I guess you guys aren’t going to help me?” Lemourn said starting up the steps dragging the large bag of gold and jewels up one step at a time. He looked back at them and huffed.
“Fine. I don’t need your help, but this is my share…you all get none of it!” He screamed and continued the struggle up the mountain.

Delgen manipulated the device on his arm and the Hammerhead silently approached the party and with the click of another button of twist of a knob a number of rope boarding ladders unraveled. Everyone ascended the ladders as the Hammerheard plotted it’s course up the mountain.

“Hey! Hey, wait for me! Pick me up guys!” Leomourn screamed after looking up to see what had cast such a large shadow over him.

The party poured of the Hammerhead and stood in front of the Mouth of Heaven. It was just a hole in the mountains that overlooked the rest of the island. It was beautiful the landscape continued into the sunlit expanse and was painted in a beautiful sunset off in the distance.

“Where is the beacon?” Leomourn asked, surveying the landscape.

“We have to get through that gate first.” Darella gestured.

“What gate?” Leomourn asked, confused.

“That huge white gate right there.” Darella pointed, she looked at Amarella who shrugged.

“You don’t see that gate?” Darella looked perplexed, then it finally made sense. She held the key in her hand, she had picked it out of chest as Leomourn was grabbing coin by the handful. She handed it to Amarella.

“It’s beautiful.” The sister of light exclaimed. though she was looking even beyond the gate itself and into the land below. She inserted the key in the gate and at once the gate and portal into the Mouth of heaven was visible to all.

They descended into the blissful land and were lost in ecstasy. In the center of the great plains visible from the gateway was a large stone beacon it was out and cold as earthen stone. Delgen maneuvered the Hammerhead through the Mouth of Heaven and followed at a safe distance in the sky, enjoying the view privately.

“Delgen send down the torch of Soulfire!” Darella said, Delgen lowered it in a basket. Darella grabbed the great mace and carried the heft with some trouble. The light given off by the Soulfire illuminated ground in a faint blueish patina…quickly the feet and form of many figures backed away from the flame all around Darella. They did not seem hostile or even to notice the rogue…just the flame which they were startled by and kept a safe distance. As Darella slowly walked towards the beacon she noticed that the light cast by the Soulfire revealed the forms of spirits all around her…they were everywhere. Her companions all came close to her and evaded the harmless forms of all the souls around. They approached the beacon.

“Okay, now when I light this, how long do we have before Sarconis is baited out of his slumber?” Darella asked, looking up at Amarella.

“I don’t remember…The Stormwalkers didn’t really say…they will have a small group of Mistings, Storomwalkers and Dreamstriders at the Temple to help us into the Stride and to guard our bodies. Delgen! How fast can that thing fly?” Amarella looked up.

Delgen smiled.

“Light the damned thing.”

Chapter Fourteen

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