Chapter Nineteen

Við hleifi mik seldo ne viþ hornigi,
nysta ek niþr,
nam ek vp rvnar,
opandi nam,
fell ek aptr þaðan.

“Do we put it on Salvatore?” Leomourn asked, as he made a stuffing gesture with his hands.

“Bernard bring Salvatore.” Amarella said, Delgen walked out with the automaton. He brought the Hammerheard near and they together brought Salvatore’s body back down to the Hidden Temple. Bernard pulled the weightless glass coffin through the air, and pushed it near the Altar, the ancient enchantment kept the coffin in the air right were it was left, as white wisps of cold smoke danced around the silver lining of the coffin.

Bernard opened the cold lid, white smoke spilled out and continued to bellow out and around the altar. He picked the limp body of the archon and laid it on the altar. With the help of the silent guardian, Delgen and Leomourn pulled Salvatore’s arms and head through the armor and straightened out the cuirass. They stared on. Nothing happened.

“It didn’t work. Let me try it on.” Leomourn said.

“Why would it work for you? You’re not a cleric.” Darella said.

“You don’t know, this is a god’s gift…it may not discriminate.” Leomourn said, peeling the armor off of the dead archon. Leomourn’s form started to radiate with a silver magnificence.

Leomourn stepped away from the altar, glowing, smiling with a look of euphoria upon his face. His hair appeared lighter and his eyes lightened. He reached out to a deep hanging leaf filled with rainwater, he touched it and it turned red. Leomourn chuckled and looked at the others.

“I’m a cleric now.” Leomourn smiled at them.

“Then see if you can bring him back.” Darella said with a hand on her hip.

“Okay…hurrrm…ahhh…activate…veratahhh…” Leomourn was reaching towards the lifeless body twiddling his fingers.

“It is granting him the means of wielding the ethyrs, but he is still uneducated in the chants, spells and rituals needed to truly cast a spell that powerful.” The dwarf said, pulling a leather bound tome from his robes. He fingered through a bookmarked and ribboned book as he paced the atrium.

“Take it off and let Delgen try.” Darella said, tapping her toes.

“Fine. It feels so awesome though.” Leomourn reluctantly took the cuirass off and handed it over to the cleric.

What happened next was a surprise to them all.

Chapter Nineteen

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