Chapter Seven

Contemptum Periculorum Adsiduitas Periclitandi Dabit

The heroes aerogated their way to the Roost on the Hammerhead, which was brought with them by the Time Brothers. They moored the ship in forest when they found what they thought was the Roost and continued on foot, which was a fortuitous choice.

They saw in the distance a massive city built on a raised portion of land in the middle of a large and deep valley a long bridge connected the city to the rest of the land granting passage through it’s only gate, stone walls surrounded the rest of the great city. There was traffic to and from the city so they approached the bridge.

“You there! First time or Returning?!” A figure, a head taller than Amarella, dressed in fine silver vestments, shouted.

“What? Uh…First time!” Delgen said as he shuffled to the figure who was standing under a great stone archway that over-looked the bridge. The figure held a clipboard and the cowl he wore obscured his face.

“Very well…Please fill out these forms and when you are ready I will give you further instructions!” The figure shouted from beneath the hood.

“Full Name? Race? Place of Origin? Next of Kyn? What is this?” Leomourn asked throwing the parchment in the air and dropping the enchanted quill to the ground. The figure in the silver cloak moved reflexively, Delgen stepped between the two and looked at Leomourn.

“Just fill out the forms!” Delgen grumbled pulling Leomourn’s face down to his level by the tunic.

“My friend is just disoriented from our voyage here. He is a fragile one, both physically and mentally, if you know what I mean…a eunuch would be my guess.” Delgen said to the hooded figure, grinning and smiling.

“Indeed.” The figure said and pulled the cowl back revealing a draconic face, both scales and teeth glistened in the bright sunlight. The dragonborn stared at Leomourn for the rest of the interaction.

“Now, your visit; be it brief, extended or do you seek residence?” The dragonborn asked.

“Brief?” Delgen shrugged.

“Be it business, merchantile, political, or leisure?” The dragon asked.

“Other?” Leomourn said. The dragonborn looked as if he were about to breath white hot fire on to Leomourn, but Delgen pushed everyone past the archway and onto the bridge filling out their forms and tossing them in the air towards the dragon. He pushed the group further ahead and tossed the rest of the quills distracting the dragon and allowing them to be lost in the crowded lanes of traffic going to and from The Roost.

Chapter Seven

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