Chapter Six

And the lord stood upon Tiamat’s hinder parts,
And with his merciless club he smashed her skull.
He cut through the channels of her blood,
And he made the North wind bear it away into secret places.

“Our sister Io, long ago laid an egg with two heartbeats. Tiamat and Bahamut were twins and did not get along from the beginning. I shall skip to the pertinent portions, Tiamat allowed her heart to grow heavy and bloated with evil, while Bahamut kept his purified with the flames of chivalry and honour. After thousands of years of strife both between the two twins and their followers, it all culminated in a battle on a scale beyond your comprehension. Tiamat fell and was banished, and for a moment every dragon felt like a fledgling once again with hopes of a brighter era to come on the horizon, but Tiamat and her forces were crafty and guileful. Bahamut walked away from the battle with more than a broken wing, Tiamat had cursed him with a poison so vile that Bahamut limped away a broken dragon. Bahamut knew his fate and acted swiftly. He commanded that an artefact was to be crafted immediately it’s material, his scales. Bahamut knew that the poison would kill him so he had planned to have a vessel through which he could be reborn again.” The heroes blinked as they took it all in.

“Tiamat whispered curses and lies to her followers and her Exarch Sarconis was quickly on the hunt to destroy artifact. Bahamut’s followers placed the armour safely in the hands of the priests of Obad-Hai, who placed the relic within the Temple of Reflection in some obscure grove in the Hidden Wood. Sarconis found the location to the temple and was on his way to befoul the armour when he was intercepted by seven great warriors. Seven Jarls who fought for Bahamut and wanted to do their part in foiling any of the dark serpent’s plans. Sadly the great men were defeated and Sarconis advanced he came very close to desecrating the armour, when we came in and placed the undead abomination in a stasis.” The dragon said.

“So we need the armor and you want us to…?” Amarella asked.

“Defeat Sarconis.” Redo said.

“I knew it.” Leomourn said, throwing his hands up.

“Haste.” The obsidian dragon snarled.

“Right, quickly now. Go to the Roost, find The Order of the Storm. They are your allies, they are a sect who have trained and set certain wheels in motion just for this very day. They will know what to do. But for now we must go there are other things to which we must attend, here take these.” Each dragon advanced upon their previous rider and tilted their head as five tears crawled down their beautiful scales and fell into the heroes hands as perfect crystals.

“Crush these, and you will be able to manipulate time as we do. Godspeed.” The black dragon said, and somehow smiled a devilish yet charming grin and they flew into the time sea.

Chapter Six

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