Chapter Ten

Quis legem det amantibus?
Maior lex amor est sibi.

“I’m going to ask you one last time, before I turn you over to my friend here; and you see, he isn’t as nice as I am.” Delgen said to Ravani who had been placed in a wooden chair and bound in rope. The midday sun drowned the rakshasa in a golden patina that was blinding and kept an impenetrable curtain of fear and uncertainty between Ravani and his attackers.

“Yeah!” Leomourn shouted. Delgen looked at him urging more of his performance, yet he yielded none.

“Well…was he hot?!” Delgen screamed, his face twisting in confusion at the end of it.

Ravani had began his afternoon with a warm sunbath, and a cup of herbal tea; his day was going to be great. He had heard of a new recipe for a quiche earlier that month and wanted to give it a try, and why not today? His father would hate to see him now, quaint cottage and not a murder under his belt…but who cared? That’s why he left He had left home anyway, his father. Ravani finished the dish and was waiting for it to cool while he mixed up some potions as the afternoon sun was setting, better to be safe than sorry he had always said. Baghee was soon to return, after her daily run, he loved to sit on his porch and let her lay her massive head before him as he spoke to her of his days in the old lands. Then his whole life crumbled before his eyes.

“Answer the question!” Leomourn screamed, though he was confused he showed enthusiasm in the act with the dwarf.

“What? Well…I guess…I would say yes?” The rakshasa answered, whispering something about being a relief to be able to say it out loud.

“Right, well where is he?! Where did you bury the body!” Leomourn screamed, pushing the dwarf to the side.

“Body? Alec is out back.” Ravani said, crying once again.

“Well. The one time you don’t sneak around the place four times before we bust in is the time you should have.” Amarella said, looking into the cage that held a naked and starving man the clay cottage. Darella shrugged.

“We will pay for the damages!” Leomourn screamed aboard the Hammerhead down to the ruined rakshasa below. The ship ascended as they peered down to the still bound rakshasa through the hole in his cottage. They had freed Alec and found the Torch of Soulfire, and were on their way aback to The Roost. Alec had said little and flinched whenever Delgen or Leomourn moved or even so much as spoke without warning.

Alec was a Misting, he had dreamed of joining the Order of the Storm for a long while now. To fight for Bahamut, Lord of Justice was all he dreamed about. He left home and traveled to The Roost, he had worked hard until he was able to present himself to the order. After months of training he was told of the mission that would grant his admission into the deeper levels of the Storm.

Sarconis was an evil foe and the time for his banishment was nigh. There were warriors who were destined to come from the Land of Tomorrow to defeat the ancient foe. When the time came, the order was charged with the responsibility of relighting the Beacon in the East. Alec was to travel to the Western Beacon and with it light the Torch of Soulfire, bring it back to The Roost and wait for the Heroes, so they could together light the Second Beacon.

Alec was about to join The Order, he was going to be a Stormwalker. Then he was ransacked by a giant panther and a rakshasa.

Chapter Ten

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