Chapter Twelve

Vincit qui se vincit

“Ridiculous!”Leomourn sighed, as they left The Roost. They returned to the Order of the Storm dropping Alec off with the order. He had risen from the rank of Misting to a Stormwalker but his visage bore no banner of emotion and remained sombre the entire time.

“We have to light a beacon all the way across the continent, but before we do that we have to travel to a mountain and get a feather from a bird?” Leomourn complained.

“A thunderbird.” Amarella corrected.

“Whatever bird, does it matter? What’s a thunderbird?” Leomourn asked.

“I don’t know but with a name like that it probably isn’t just a bird.” Amarella suggested.

“Who were those people in that slum again? It got all hazy when I walked in there.” Leomourn said.

“They were called the Dreamstriders, they lay down in those dens all day smoking that substance. It puts them in a stupor, in which they believe they can traverse the land of Dreams.” Darella said, with a hint of intrigue on her breath.

“We are to find this thunderbird and get a feather…one for the each of us so that the Dreamstriders can craft a trap that will hold our consciousness safe in the net, that they will put above our head when we enter the Dream World. So if we die in the Dreamscape, we will not die in this world.” Darella said.

“So, sorry but I’m confused. We’re going into the land of Dreams?” Leomourn said looking back from the prow of the Hammerhead.

“Were you not listening at all?” Amarella growled.

“Sorry, I guess since I’m a wolf…the stuff they were smoking got to me. Plus, I might have tried a little.” Leomourn trailed off.

“What? What if you would have been lost in a stupor then!? Men have been known to fall into such a deep euphoria that they won’t wake for days. We’re on a mission remember!” Amarella said sternly.

“But it smelled so good, you have no idea.” Leomourn said, his eyes rolling back within his head.

“You’ll get your chance to smoke it again soon enough.” Delgen said.

“So…are we going to smoke more then?” Leomourn asked meekly.

“Yes, so we can defeat Sarconis.” Darella said.

“Who…is a dragon? Why the Dream World?” Leomourn asked.

“Sarconis is in a stasis, his physical form is incapacitated. When he was imprisoned in the stasis he soon learned he could project himself into the Dream World and devour souls as they were caught in the The Æther. Long ago, the Stormwalkers extinguished the Soulfire Beacons to lift the The Æther so that the souls could escape to their respective plane, saving them from being devoured by the Dragon.” Darella spoke that tale like a bard.

“And then?” Leomourn was listening intently.

“We are to relight the Eastern Beacon, soon The Æther will fill with Souls drawing Sarconis out, where we will attack and weaken him. When we have him near defeat we will come back to the Prime Plane and release him from the Stasis and hopefully defeat his real form that should supposedly be greatly weakened.” Darella said.

“Okay, how do we get this bird!” Leomourn said slightly excited.

“I asked someone in The Roost, they said we need to lure the birds with a mammoth.” Darella said.

“With a mammoth? Why a mammoth?” Lemourn asked.

“They eat them.” Delgen said slowly, turning round from the front of the Hammerhead.

“Eat them? How do you know?” Leomourn asked.

Delgen just pointed off in the distance…to a gigantic scintillating bird that ascended into the sky with a mammoth held tightly in it’s talons. A bolt of lightening struck the bird in mid flight. Leomourn cheered, but the bird seemed unscathed and continued it’s flight as if nothing had happened. A terrifying screech echoed slowly off the mountain face.

Chapter Twelve

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