Chapter Twenty

I know a twelfth one if I see,
up in a tree,
a dangling corpse in a noose,
I can so carve and colour the runes,
that the man walks
And talks with me

Delgen donned the Cuirass and looked to his companions. A warmth started deep within the dwarf, a silver light began to radiate from the cleric. Silver waves of arcane energy flowed upwards and crested above his head. The dark tresses that wreathed the dwarf’s head floated in the energy and seemed to be covered in silvery reflective light. The wrinkles around Delgen’s eyes that looked more like cracks in old stone now smoothed out as it seemed as if the dwaft grew younger before their eyes. The hardened knots reappeared in the arms and core of the dwarf and he stood a little straighter. As they looked on, small scales appeared around his eyes, mouth and other random exposed areas of the dwarf. Two silver horns grew out of the cleric’s head and curved back. Then Delgen’s smile and euphoria was replaced with a scream of agony.

That same warmth that started deep within the center of the dwarf welled up way past the euphoria and was pressing out against it’s containment. It felt as if Delgen’s whole body was about to explode, the sensation was excruciating. Delgen’s fingertips ripped open and were replaced with talons. Delgen arched his back and cried out in pain. A bright light escaped from his open mouth, flooding the area with a bright silvery patina. He stumbled around the temple in pain, muttering wordless sounds. He took of down the steps holding his chest. The others followed him back out the other side.

Delgen ran out into the open area in front of the temple and fell to his knees. With arms outstretched and screaming into the sky, the echoes of pain reverberated in the Hidden Wood. The light that was coming from the dwarf’s cry solidified in the moonlit copse, the shape of claws came from the cleric’s mouth. The talons tightened, then proceeded to pull arms and legs from Delgen’s throat, until a great silver dragon’s body could be seen ripping it’s way out of Delgen. The dragon arched it’s back until it’s tail and hind legs were free, it stretched out it’s wings and took flight. With a solid beam of silver, it blasted hight into the night sky disappearing out of sight. Delgen’s body fell limp, and struck the earth below.

They all crowded around the lifeless form of Delgen and watched. Delgend twitched and rolled over. He was no longer glowing, nor were the more draconic features still prominent. There was an odd look on his face.

“Are you okay?” Leomourn asked, helping the Dwarf to his feet.

“I feel like a primordial dragon-god just used my body as a portal back into existence.” Delgen grumbled.


Chapter Twenty

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