Cosmic Clock

A large structure in the center of the cosmos,outside of all other realms, but it a time dimension. The Time Dimension co-exists parallel to all the other realms and is like a gigantic blanket realm above all the other realms. When one travels through time, they are removed from the realm from which they originate and travel the Time Dimension. While moving along the Time Dimension one can look down and see the other planes, while some parts of the planes will emerge like islands into the Time Dimension which are like mile markers in time when great events happened. Thus traveling through time is navigated by counting and observing these tics in time when the Time blanket was thinned.

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Time traveling as seen from above and within the Time Dimension.

The Cosmic Clock is made of an unknown substance and is far more ancient than any other structure know to recorded history. It regulates and measures time, the long hand counting and regulating days and years, the short hand marking eras. It has come to be known that the Time Brothers created the Clock to ease their charge of governing time themselves.


Recently it was reported, by the Time Fixers, that Fafnir had entered the Time Dimension and broken the minute hand off the Cosmic Clock and was using it to tear through time, in an attempt to find and murder Leomourn Stalkingwolf, whom he referred to as “The Fourth Hound.” It is unknown what the consequences could be, but already it is reported that eras are beginning to fade and meld into each other and time is lurching during time hiccups and major changes and events are happening inexplicably.

Cosmic Clock

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