The Book of Creation


The Book of Creation often called the Codex of Moirai, The Sefer Yetzirah, or by the Medjay the Lut Gholein, which translates to the Jewel of the Desert is a powerful artifact. It is said to possess the ability to alter reality. Lore states that one can change history or reality just by writing in this tome. One just needs to dip the quill into their vein and they write on the yellowed pages with their own blood. Whatever is written on the pages of this book become real, which poses a great threat to continuity and balance within the multiverse.

It is said that The Writer who created all the many planes of existence used a book to write everything into existence. Some say that when he was finished he threw the book down into his creations and thus it fell to the ground and was lost to history until the Red King found it and used it for his own vile purposes. Some say The Writer dropped it into the realms and is unable to retrieve it, and now it roams rampant a free radical that poses a great threat to the very foundations of reality.

It is said that the first hundred pages are ripped from the tome. Lore states that these first pages are the actual pages with the methods how everything came to be, containing secrets of law and balance. The prologue to reality. It is widely believed that The Writer ripped these pages out to hide the ways of creation.

Many different hands have scribbled their own changes and alterations to the book. Some being small petty wishes of wealth or death, some leading to continent shattering alterations, the amount of blood needed to write the variance depends upon the significance of the change. Many have died a quick and painful death in attempts of altering reality in ways that would considerably create an unbalance in the multiverse.

The Book of Creation

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