The Flamers

Episode Summaries

Season 1
Fans of The Cycle of the Flame were highly critical of the first season, citing the many alterations the show made, such as the character of Eldranoth being changed from a powerful lich to a nosy landlord and the lack of anyone named Jimmy.

  • Eldranoth is going on a blind date at an Italian Restaurant, Pamalyn has to teach him the proper way to eat spaghetti. Delgen and Leomourn open a sno-cone stand.
  • A miscast spell by Amalyn turns Delgen into a woman. Leomourn is accidentally neutered after a mix-up at the vet.
  • After a heated argument Darella and Amarella paint a line down the middle of Bellamin’s manor. A napping Delgen is literally caught in the middle. Amalyn creates a spell that can turn fruit into bacon.
  • Leomourn is disappointed when his mail-order Sea Elves don’t look anything like they did in the ad. Darella attempts to housebreak Salvatore.
  • When Molly eats an entire orphanage Delgen must hastily organize a benefit concert to keep her from being put down. Salvatore and Bernard try speed dating.
  • Delgen and Leomourn accidentally break the God-Eye while playing baseball indoors. Attempts to hide it from Darella are unsuccessful. Amarella is sad when no one remembers her birthday.
  • Darella contracts the flu and guilts the others into waiting on her hand and foot. Delgen makes his famous Cream of Mushroom soup with unfortunate consequences for the myconids.
  • Convinced that no one loves him, Bernard runs away from home. He makes it four blocks. Eldranoth opens a bakery.
  • Delgen and Amalyn enter a chili cook-off, but tempers flare when Amalyn’s Five Alarm Fire Chili immolates the judges. Leomourn has his first day of school.
  • After Salvatore leaves his vorpal blade on the bus, Darella and Amarella promise to find it. Eldranoth tries to impress Amalyn with a Mix CD.
  • Things get hairy when Delgen and Leomourn switch bodies the night before Delgen’s big meeting with the Dwarf-Pope and Leomourn’s big exam and Archer school. Amalyn makes it to the finals in the spelling bee, but Darella finds out she’s been cheating.
  • In a very special episode the gang confront Leomourn about his crippling addiction to elven porn (With special guests, Drizzt Do’Urden and Neil Patrick Harris).

Season 2

The Flamers

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