The Seven Sons of Shardhammer

In the waning days of the Shardhammers Belthrozar, clan chieftain and grandfather, sired seven sons. Despite the value of familial ties in Dwarf culture, it was the in-fighting amongst these dwarves that would ultimately lead to the downfall of the Shardhammer clan.

Dolemite the Eldest. Arguably the most intelligent and cunning of Belthrozar’s sons. He was the master-mind behind Delgen’s exile and the ensuing mutiny against Belthrozar.

Dorathic the Red Champion. Vicious and brutal, Dorathic was rarely without his mighty axe, Nelly, and was loyal to Dolemite. He was often considered the “brawn” to Dolemite’s “brains”.

Dalik the Stout. Broad of shoulder, large of belly, and simple of mind; Dalik took up the craft of smithing. Dolemite used his brother’s skills to provide weapons and armor to his rebels; a scheme to which Dalik was none the wiser.

Dagr & Delling the twins. Golden-haired and fair-skinned, the twins coasted through life on charm and good looks. Though they were inseparable for much of their lives they chose opposing sides when civil war befell the clan. Dagr refused to betray his father and Delling, under orders to prove his loyalty to Dolemite, poisoned his brother but later took his own life, consumed by despair and guilt.

Darel the Burning Warrior. The only match for Dorathic in martial prowess, Darel was a proud and hearty fighter who was intensely loyal to his clan and father. He had a close relationship with Delgen and accompanied him on his mining expeditions into the Underdark. Unfortunately Darel was lost in The Accident. This gave Dolemite and Dorathic the means to levy the charge of fratricide against Delgen in addition to their other charges, virtually ensuring his exile.

Delgen the Youngest.

The Seven Sons of Shardhammer

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