The Siege of Giliforde

In AP 3517 the human kingdom of Giliforde experienced a wave of disasters that nearly toppled the centuries-old civilization. Famine, pestilence, and death spread throughout the capital city and its many satellite settlements, devastating the kingdom’s population.

The source of these misfortunes was revealed to be the Tree of Infersus, a malevolent and powerful force that had grown from the staked corpse of an ancient vampire. The Tree had enthralled the librarian, Malich, compelling him into bringing fresh victims to its secluded cavern. With a steady source of sustenance the tree’s roots spread far and wide, eventually infiltrating the underground reservoir that was the source of much of Giliforde’s water.

With the kingdom’s entire water supply tainted by the tree’s evil, the noble King Tyric was at a loss for a solution. Eventually Tyric sought aid from his estranged nephew, Leomourn. Leomourn, with the help of the Darkeye sisters, eventually discovered Malich and the Tree’s roles in Giliforde’s misfortunes and destroyed both of them.

Even though the source of the plague was gone Giliforde was still in danger of destruction. A foul army of darkness, led by the blood-thirsty orc warlord Tuk Manhammer, had gathered outside Giliforde. They hoped to attack the Kingdom’s capital in its moment of weakness, simultaneously ending the reign of humans in Rienland and gaining a swathe of land and resources for their forces. With little hope of victory, the remaining human forces valiantly threw themselves into battle against the foul hordes.

However, in the kingdom’s darkest hour the combined forces of Rienland’s Elves and Dwarves appeared, holding true to the treaties signed millennia ago, and drove off the attackers and saving the city.

The Siege of Giliforde

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