Time Brothers

Five dragon brothers who govern time and space. They are the architects and those who built the Cosmic Clock. They live in Deep Time and mete out punishment to those who cause or intend harm upon time or the multiverse.

Temepdialtiui called itself Speed and was as black as the night sky.

Jiildonoap called itself Split and was a double headed green dragon who was two and one personalities at once, switching between pronouns seemingly at random.

Vilzriquath called Stasis spoke little and was stone grey in colour.

Huenatenamalo called Redo in the common tongue was cerulean and spoke using idioms and adages.

Oplin was a yellow dragon who spoke slower than rocks and trees and called itself Slow.

It is said that there was a sixth, Glauring and he deceived his brothers and parted ways, and has never been seen again.

The Time Brothers usually stayed neutral and hidden from prying eyes but once came to the prime plane to tilt the scales in the favour of the greater good. The warriors were blessed with the aid of the Time Judges and were even granted the honour of riding through the Time Sea upon the backs of the dragons.

Amarella Darkeyes rode Split, Darella Darkeyes rode Redo, Delgen Shardhammer rode Speed and Leomourn Stalkingwolf rode Stasis. The dragon called Slow was not present during this event, it was known that he was off completing other tasks or pursuing another dragon-rider.

Time Brothers

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