Time Fixers

An elite group dedicated to the supervision and protection of History and the Future. They keep extensive documentation and observe all facets of history and make sure things happen in a balanced and beneficial manner. They also specialize in correcting any events that have been changed either by natural means or by rogue Chronomages, or any being with Time Manipulation.

The Time Fixer Leader holds the Title of Gnomon, the indicator. There have been countless men who have held this position. The current Gnomon is unknown.

There are several different tiers and sects of the Time Fixers

Teratology Specialists: Hunt and destroy monster and other feral creatures that ruin time or cause other time anomalies.

Assassins: Locate and eliminate individuals who either would affect time, willingly or otherwise or by their survival cause flaws in History or the greater good.

Vigil Keepers: Those who watch and record History and Future, using documentation and scrying magics.

Inceptors: Those who insure that ideas or events are put into place to make certain that History goes the way it is recorded or how it is deemed to unravel.

Enforcers: A group of Time Fixers whose job is to hunt and fine, aid or kill other Time Fixers who have defaulted on missions.

There are always more specialists surfacing and needed. Time Fixers move through Time using vehicles powered by the Zeitspringer Technology. Which is a mixture of technology and magic, that moves objects both organic and inorganic through the folds and waves of time.

Swords for Hire

Time Fixers

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