Malich Saelar



A librarian who yearned for more.


Malich was born in Giliforde, the land of men. His father was a town guard and his mother was a librarian. His mother died when he was a young boy. He was never the strong adventuring type and would spend his time with his books as opposed to his wooden practice sword. His father urged the boy to try to train and become a town guard, but Malich enjoyed the company of dusty tomes to the rusty blades of battle.

Malich became a Librarian at Giliforde’s great Library. The Kingdom of Giliforde was renowned for it’s University and the Library’s extensive collection of ancient tomes and rare spell books. It also housed many codices and manuscripts. Malich quickly took a shining to the task and soon became head librarian and spent most of his daylight hours shelving and organizing elven tomes and ancient accounts of history. He spent his nights translating the most rare and occult of books in the land.

Malich soon learned of eldritch secrets locked away deep within the pages of dark dank books. He learned several dead languages and revived many dead spells and rituals. The smell of arcane rot began to drift from his study. Malich became enamored with forbidden knowledge and delved deeper, loosing more and more of his sanity and humanity. His father had died on patrol one night, Malich would not leave his books even then.

The old words of these books called to Malich until he had memorized all the letters and sigils in the Library. Malich’s eidetic memory both fueled his obsession and was his curse. The symbols and words raced through his mind every waking hour. The sleeping horrors he had read about haunted his dreams such to the point that he refused to sleep and demanded more and more candles to be added to his study.

He locked himself up in a tower and did not come out for days, his peers only reported the sound of the strokes of a quill upon stone. Fearing for his health they kicked down the door only to find the tower empty save for the scribbling of a madman upon the gray walls of the room. Written in an long dead language.

Malich had heard the call of the Tree.

Malich Saelar

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