Mathias Grey



Little is known of the man known as Mathias Grey, but more about the monster he became. Mathias Grey was one of the most vile creatures to walk Rienland.

Mathias Grey is one of the most powerful Vampires Terr has seen, in fact the ancient inhabitants of Rienland incapacitated him and locked him away with ancient magics. Mathias was sealed away for centuries in what was to be later called the Vault of Mann.

Until one day he was released and ran rampant across the land. It is still a mystery as to how the monster was released. His body was magically frozen in a stasis that can only be disenchanted by touching the outside with the essence of the one inside, thus the ancients knew that since the monster was being sealed away involuntarily there would be no way for it to be unleashed. Nevertheless, the monster was released. He was a great threat to the whole land, his trail of dead was said to have been seen on the diamond coasts of the north, and as far east as the thundering mountains above the dwarven realms.


Mathias Grey

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