The Flame of Time

Capax Infiniti

In Stato Quo Res Erant Ante Finis

_The Chronicler would like to take this time to diverge from the pace of the scripted yarn. Requests that reader research the topic within the Capax Infiniti for subsequent events happening after the previous tale.

Capax Infiniti is a florilegium about the events that supposedly happened after and during The Ruination and the subsequent Rebuilding. The Ruination being the span of time and events after the undoing of the Cosmic Clock recorded, observed and named by the Time Fixers. Capax Infiniti, in other sources called De Rerum Sextus; is a tome found in the Great Library of the Time Fixers, it is a collection of plays, songs poems and articles concerning the Ruination.

The Capax begins with a scene from a play.

Liber I
The Spear of Time
Protector of Kraggenmoor
The Seven Solas

Liber II
Beyond the Door

Liber III
The Cloak

There also exist multitudes of entries in The Capax that are considered non-canonical by Capaxian scholars. One such entry was the tremendously popular teleoccular situalcom show originally broadcast in AP 8487, The Flamers



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