The largest country on the continent of Valerius. It lies south of the Great Forest and is one of the most populated places on all of Terr. Members of all races flock to Almeria. The population and temperate climate lend to the advancement of society. Great universities flourish and pock the country, bounds in technology and magic are born within the borders of Almeria. Industry as well as weaponry also exploded in Almeria, as well as airships and warmachines. The Time Fixers Headquarters is centered in Adastra the Capitol of Almeria.

The skyline of Adastra.
 photo ENBE_SteampunkCity_zps548ad06f.jpg

Adastra is so vast that travel by foot is impossible.
 photo Above-the-city-steampunk-wallpaper_zps2e13bd24.jpg

The streets of Adastra.
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