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“The ship belongs to Muspell.”

A vile ship, abhorrent to look upon. It is a pale grey colour with the yellow hue of infection. The ship is made entirely out of toenails and fingernails. The ship was moored in the land of the dead for countless millenia, until set free by the writhing of a great worm. This ship marks the beginning of the end.

The ship possesses the evil gift of granting those that have died a chance to walk and be animate once again. Hate and other emotions burn hot with the fires perdition in the hearts of these revenants. It is unknown if the ship can navigate the seas of the dead and that is where and how it recruits it’s crew or if since the ship is part of the land of the dead itself it serves as a portal to death. Allowing anyone aboard to walk below deck, a direct doorway to hell itself.

The Dark One, is the only individual ever seen to command the dead ship.

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