Red Jon

Was a notorious pirate who operated in the Sea of Wolves and Rogue’s Bay. Little is known of his personal life, much is known about his life as pirate that may or may not be true, and could be construed by word of mouth and legend.

He is said to be a great big fat pirate, hair and beard as red as the rising moon. He is a tall man but stout. He is a jolly but stern man. Most notably is the sound of gold upon gold when he moves or laughs. It is said that he swallows his booty, a belly full of loot. Many said he swallowed a portion of wealth either as a ritual or obsession or as a way of keeping his treasure on or rather in his person at all times. He was a large and heavy man because of this constantly keeping his ship’s draught deep…it is still not proven if this is part of the legend or if it was truth. Perhaps he was just a large man, and/or carried much coin.

He was said to be the greatest pirate to have sailed the seas. He had many weapons that aided him in his campaign. Some lost to history and others he was only said to have used in certain tales, lending to the idea of supplementing as the story was retold. His preferred weapons included his hand cannon. A small cannon that he carried on his shoulder. Some tales claim it is a 32 pound cannon which Red Jon just carries as a weapon balanced upon his hip or shoulder but other claims lend the idea of it being just a large Arquebus that he fires upon other ships. He has a belt of grenados that he carries at all times. But most notably is his staff. It is said that his staff is his most feared weapon. He only used his staff in dire and most intense moments. It is said that one beating of the staff upon the deck of a ship would send out a wave of contagion that induced the most vehement case of sea-sickness to even the most experienced of sea dogs, along with a messy case of scurvy. Many sailors felt the wrath of Red Jon’s staff as they fell to their knees and bled from the gums while vomiting their hardtack and rabbit stew upon the poop decks before Red Jon picked their ship apart.

Red Jon sailed the seas upon a nameless ship. It is unknown if his ship had a name but no one knew of it, or if he sailed the seas with a cursed and unchristened ship, incurring the wrath of the sea gods themselves.

Red Jon

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