Brighton Asylum: Part 1
In which we find our heroes have awakened in a strange Sanitorium that is on fire and all the patients are running rampant.
Brighton Asylum: Part 2
Our heroes save a group of young children who have weird gifts and abilities.
Brighton Asylum: Part 3
Darella gains a robotic claw arm.
Brighton Asylum: Part 4
The path to the abandoned second floor is blocked by spider’s web. Darella advances to the security closet. Leomourn continues on his rescue brigade.
Brighton Asylum: Part 5
Our heroes find more mutants and Homo Chimerae: “Psychic Girl who knows where to go, 8 year old scary ring girl, Coma girl and her ghost, Husky Bro, Oxygen Tank Kid, Stanks McGee, and Gollum McTrashEat.” Darella retrieves their gear, and is glad. Fantasy Coffee! Darella turns a mug into ectoplasm.
Brighton Asylum: Part 6
Darella meets Jayce. The Heroes advance into the Solarium of Brighton Asylum, not before finding the Mural of The Tree. Dr. Krown their patron, was depicted in the Mural. Darella finds a note that explains: that about a month before, the party agreed to come to Brighton Asylum for Dr. Krown under the influence of a drug that would mimic mental instability, allowing them to be admitted into the Sanitarium with the intent of finding the Krown Files, a list of special children, specifically a very special boy named Alexei. Later Delgen inspires a gang of misfits to escape a burning Sanitarium during a nighttime rainstorm.

Nara says the Krown Files would be found in room 404, which is ironic because the actual room number is Room 332, it just revealed the DM’s lack of memory and subconsciously manifesting a mental “dead link.”

Brighton Asylum Continued

Lost Files of Brighton Asylum:
Found after “Brighton Asylum Continued” was written.

Brighton Asylum: Part 7

Brighton Asylum: Part 8

Brighton Asylum: Part 9


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