The Hammerhead

Commisioned by the Time Fixers, The Hammerhead was constructed in a joint venture by the finest engineers of both the Time Fixer tech division and the Sky-Dwarf Empire in AP 5473. The cooperative nature of its construction led to a ship that combined the strengths of a Fixer Zeitspringer and an Imperial Sky Runner. The Hammerhead was designed primarily for tactical infiltration and reconnaissance. Compared to most Time Fixer ships, she was lightly armed and built for stealthy hit-and-run strikes. Constructed primarily out of the ultra-light metal alloy of Khardanium, the ship was capable of great speed and maneuverability, being equally adept in the air, the sea, or the arcane flotsam of planar-dimensional space-time. This, along with state of the art Zeitspringer Technology, made The Hammerhead a fully functional spelljammer vessel, capable of sailing through the boundaries of time and space.

The Hammerhead was deployed to pursue the fugitive giant, Fafnir, after he had stolen part of the Cosmic Clock. Rear Admiral Cornelius Koldyron took command of the vessel and drafted the dwarf, Delgen Shardhammer — at the time a crewman serving on The Death and Damnation of Chronos under Captain Byron — as his first officer and promoted him to Commander, citing a penchant for leadership and previous experience battling the giant.

On her maiden voyage, the Hammerhead intercepted Fafnir in AP 3495 during his attempt to prevent the conception of Leomourn Stalkingwolf. The giant’s plan was thwarted but both he and the ship were caught in a temporal storm and forced into one-on-one combat. Despite the advanced design of the ship, it was never meant to withstand direct assault and much of the crew, including Admiral Koldyron, lost their lives in the battle. It was only through the quick thinking of the modron, Perceptis, and Delgen that The Hammerhead managed to drive the giant off and escape the temporal distortion.

Assuming command of the vessel, Commander Shardhammer went on to the lead The Hammerhead through numerous voyages of great renown and import, from the sacking of the Fjords of Gruumsh to the restoration of the Cosmic Clock. Throughout its many years of service within the Time Fixer armada the Hammerhead was crewed by countless brave and hearty sailors but the most important and notable are listed below:

Leomourn Stalkingwolf

Amalyn Cindeowyn

Amarella Darkeyes

Darella Darkeyes

Salvatore DogĂ­


Gobby and Nob

Perceptis, aka Percy — The winged Quadrone first-mate of the Hammerhead. As a member of the Modron race Percy was highly loyal to the Time Fixer organization and their ideals of maintaining order throughout the time-space continuum. Despite Delgen’s oftentimes unconventional leadership and decisions Percy eventually developed the Modronic equivalent of respect and admiration for his Captain.

Cassiel — Rescued by Delgen and his closes companions as a young girl, Cassiel trained under Leomourn Stalkingwolf during his time as the guardian of Kraggenmoor. As an adult she was recruited by Delgen and given new mechanical wings constructed by Percy. Thanks to Leomourn’s training she proved to be one of Delgen’s most reliable and powerful companions on his many adventures.

Khyle, the gnome waiter — a close friend and companion of Delgen in his younger days, Delgen recruited Khyle from his job as a beleaguered server employed in Raven’s Pointe‘s most popular inn. Despite Delgen’s attempt to free him from servitude Khyle soon settled into a comfortable and familiar role as the Hammerhead’s cook and cabin boy.

Guillaume S Preston Esquire and Theodric Logan

The Hammerhead

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