The Spear of Time

One Fafnir, frost giant is reported to have ripped the minute hand from the Cosmic Clock. The transgressions was done under-veil and was thus unseen and could not have been prevented. His whereabouts are unknown, wielding the power of the Cosmic Clock his location and threat level could be infinite. A reward shall be granted to the Fixer who locates and defeats this brigand and double if he returns the Hand. It is unknown what the consequences will be now that there is no minute hand governing time, already we see fluctuations. This is of great import and must be taken seriously, any fixer on a non-urgent mission devote time to his case upon your convenience or sooner.

-A Letter of Marque and Reprisal licensed to all Time Fixer Agents, authorizing the seizure and return of Fafnir granted by the Gnomon himself.

“Your brother?” Delgen asked, lowering his hammer and dabbed at his brow with a satin cloth.

“You never told me you had a brother.” Amarella said.

“I didn’t know I had a brother either.” Leomourn said, walking up to the beast and scratching him behind the ear.

“No! Absolutely not! You can not bring him along.” Delgen said

“Come on! Guys…” Leomourn said, looking at the sisters for help.

“You’re going to have to clean up after him.” Delgen said and turned round.

“What is his name?” Amarella asked walking up to the beast hesitantly. Leomourn spoke in a guttural tongue like the low rumble of thunder upon a mountain.

“FenrisĂșlfr.” The beast growled, or at least that was what it sounded like in human speech.

“Fenrir? I like that name.” Amarella said and scratched the thing’s chin.

“So you can talk to him?” Darella asked.

“Sort of. He speaks giant very poorly, but i can read his body.” Leomourn said.

“Ask him what Fafnir meant when he said you were brothers.” Darella said. Leomourn spoke again and this time took his bestial form and the two beasts circled and sniffed and touched each other on the bridge. After a time of howls, barking, whining and ear flickers and tail flickers Leomourn stood straight as a man. A very serious face, he wore.

“Apparently Fafnir worships ”/campaigns/the-flame-of-time/characters/summanus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Summanus, there is a prophecy that all worshipers of the Old Night know about, telling that whomsoever kills the Fourth Hound of Al’handra shall become the Duke of the Nyght. The commander of the Army of Shades, Summanus’ lieutenant here on Terr and will marshal the war upon the Sun and Moon." Leomourn paused and looked up into the multiverse and searched for the moon amongst all that was and ever will be.

“Go on.” Delgen said putting his hand on Leomourn’s shoulder.

“Right. Well it seems Fafnir did not know about me. He took my mother thinking she was still pure and had bore no son. He…r…defiled her and she bore a son…Fenrir. Later Fafnir learned of my existence. From that day until he attacked us near Felden, he beat and brutalized both Fenrir and my mom. Look at the scars!” Leomourn was on the verge of tears as he pulled his brother over and exposed the many scars that covered his body, somewhat hidden by his smoke-grey fur.

“This creature has known naught but pain, hate and evil…” Delgen started.

“No! He won’t be trouble I promise!” Leomourn said.

“So we must show him the opposite…and teach him how friends and family really treat each other.” Delgen finished. Leomourn nodded and grasped the dwarf’s hand in his and shook it violently. Fenrir’s tail slowly wagged, not really knowing what was going on but happy for his brother.

“Now, how do we get off this bridge?” Amarella said.

“Behold, my friends. The Hammerhead.” Delgen said as he dialed knobs and pushed buttons on his forearm. A moment later a great ship of wood and stone appeared by the bridge and floated there.

“You have a ship?” Leomourn screamed as he ran to the edge of the bridge to get closer almost falling over in excitement.

“I told you I joined the ”/campaign/the-flame-of-time/wikis/time-fixers" class=“wiki-page-link”> Time Fixers and was commissioned the Hammerhead as a privateer vessel. I was aboard when I got drawn into that hellish city." Delgen said looking upon his ship proudly, having missed her for more than nine tredecims.

“Is that where you where?” Leomourn asked.

“I wasn’t just there. I was held captive and tortured. Do you not remember rescuing me from Plague-Mort?” Delgen said annoyed.

“Oh…yeah.” Leomourn said.

“Percy! Recalculate rations and life support systems for current visible passengers.” Delgen said. A small mechanical creature moved into view at the helm and beeped and buzzed and moved out of view again.

“I have the Godeye.” Darella said as she appeared from the shadows with a crystal ball in hand while dragging a large black spear.

“What have you got there?” Delgen asked.

“Sygg’s other eye, and Fafnir’s spear.” Darella said dropping the spear and pocketing the orb.

“That’s the minute hand of the ”/campaign/the-flame-of-time/wikis/cosmic-clock" class=“wiki-page-link”> Cosmic Clock." Amarella said.

“If only we could…Percy! Come forth and assess the probability of re-fusing this hand to the clock and mending the conjointment.” Delgen said.

“Statistically, there is a ninety-eight point seven two percent chance of success of reattaching said article to original structure, considering current resources and threat level.” Percy said, no less than matter-of-factly.

“Good. Get to that.” Delgen said with a smile as he led his friends onto his ship.

The Spear of Time

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