The four heroes left the bank with heavy purses, they found the nearest clothing shop and were befitted with fine threads that were current and practical. They all met up on the streets of Athanor and discussed what to do next.

“Some one put this in my pocket.” Darella said weakly, looking about into the crowded streets.

“What is it?” Leomourn asked, looking at small scroll in Darella’s hand.

“A note, all it says is: I’m your boyfriend now.” Darella read aloud, puzzled. She looked out into the crowd once again.

“Creepy.” Delgen said, just as a young man approached them.

“Hello, my name is Myles. I work for a gentleman called Dr. Krown. I have been sent to ask you along for tea and a short discourse.” The man said.

“What kind of discourse?” Delgen asked.

“I can’t discuss such things in public, sir. If you would follow me, I shall lead you to our headquarters.” Myles said and he took a step away, after a moment they shrugged and followed.

Myles led them down the busy thoroughfares of Athanor and took a turn down a wide alley and then took them into the back alleys of the great city; within the inner bowels of Athanor. He finally stopped in front of a door at the foot of a tall building. He opened it and showed them in. He led them through the building to a final door.

“Dr. Krown will be waiting for you.” Myles said and walked away.

“I am glad you made it. I am Dr. Krown, I trust Myles was an adequate escort.” The man walked behind his desk and motioned for his visitors to sit as well.

“He was a fine young man. Why have you asked Myles to call us here dear sir?” Delgen said.

“Keen and direct, I like that. I will attempt to be as direct and honest. Very simply, there are things that exist in this reality that are beyond belief, beyond imagination. There are things that have never been seen, never been heard and have and will never be touched. There are small miracles that are too small for the eye too see, and like-wise there are things that are far too large to even fathom. Things are possible that would shake the mind of a feeble man, there are wonders that would impress the gods. I have seen these things, and I have a feeling you have too.” Krown said, standing up and walking to the door. He called out for some refreshments to be brought in.

“A long time ago I was enlightened, I have seen some of the universe’s darkest and best kept secrets. I have seen the fabric of the universe, I know the equations of creation, I have seen creation itself.” A young girl brought in some pastries and tea.

“As always the most powerful secrets are the most sought after, I am not the only one who can know the universe. Which is probably the most beautiful and dangerous part. Anyone who desires and seeks the answers will find them. Alchemy has advanced this town and the world whole over, but naturally there will always be those that wish to use this secret for personal gain and nefarious motives. That is why I have called you all here.” Dr. Krown said.

“You have an arch nemesis?” Leomourn asked, jokingly.

“If only it were that simple. Yes there is one man who has taken this knowledge and grossly disused it, but this is bigger than that. There is a much dangerous force knocking upon the edges of our reality even as we speak. I feel with much remorse that this second force is inevitable though not so pressing. I have called you here to invite you in my effort to stop this misguided soul.” Dr. Krown said.

“Who is this person?” Leomourn asked, just then Myles came through the door in a panic.

“Dr. Krown! The Vampires are moving ahead of plans!” Myles said quickly.

“Damn. Albrecht is not back yet, is Maxton around?” Dr. Krown asked.

“No, sir.” Myles said, then looked at the four people sitting down having tea and biscuits.

“So what do you all say? Do you want to aid me in my goal of saving this city?” Dr. Krown looked at them.

“V…vampires?” Leomourn asked, crumbs spewed from his mouth as he spoke.

“They have been sighted in the city’s sewer system lately, we have been waiting on them to strike for a while now, but they are moving quicker than we had assumed. I can tell you are the adventuring type and we can wait for introductions later. If you care for innocent life and the fate of the lives of this city, please see what these creatures are doing in beneath us.” Dr. Krown said.


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