Krown Files

Individuals who have a mutation either naturally or through scientific experimentation.

  • Miles- Can hear the whispers of the dead, has psychometry
  • Albrecht-Quantum puppetry, connecting objects at the quantum level and moving them in unison.
  • Salem- A powerful telepath, spinal cord was severed at the base of the neck in attempts to remove sensation to heighten mental powers, she learned to astrally project herself after years of being imprisoned within her own mind.
  • Oren- Brain was severed at the corpus callosum, lost emotion, only logic remains. Can understand any system or pattern and can mend virtually anything from mechanics to flesh.
  • Jarren- Sound mimicry, able to recreate any sound, also can cause auditory hallucinations.
  • Clara- Enhanced vision, including infrared, microscopic vision, full specturm vision, panoramic vision, telescopic vision, able to see ghosts, invisible persons or objects, auras, through illusions, sound.
  • Maryn- Can liquify body.
  • Vale- Mute, can manipulate others neurally after touching their skin. Neural ventriloquism.
  • Terath- Thermal manipulation, through touch she can transfer heat to or from an object. Admitted to the Asylum after killing a few victims, she was called “The Cold Strangler.”
  • Nara- Geomagnetic Dead Reckoning, can sense north, elevation, and has a natural knack for knowing the correct path to any location and through any obstacle.
  • Emir- Body secretes a highly flammable viscous substance when stressed.
  • Sage- Elastic body
  • Aleon- Probability manipulation, able to “see” angles, trajectory, force and reaction, uses this to his advantage pulling of unbelievable stunts and tricks.
  • Enmora- Able to communicate with plants.
  • Typhus- Able to absorb kinetic energy.
  • Aeola- Andomopathy, can mimic any physical movement or action.
  • Trigeon-N/A
  • Cashen- Bioluminescent, able to produce organic light from body in virtually any colour, pattern and intensity.
  • Theryn- Two pairs of large transparent insect-like wings on her back. Perfect flight, including hovering.
  • Joen- Deceased, continuing existence as a ghost or a ghost-like state.
  • Markus- Can cause his hands to become a iron-like biometal.
  • Lucien- Can sense blood, including reading blood splatter patterns, even after cleaned.
  • Vela- Body absorbs arcane assault.
  • Taleria- Amygdala manipulation through a hypnotic voice.
  • Alys- Oxidising touch.
  • Neres- By clapping hands together able to create a cavitation bubble that generates extreme acoustic pressures. Causing an extremely loud, forceful and hot explosion.
  • Morgaine- Doppelgänger, can make her body appear as anyone else she has made skin contact with, can only maintain one shape at time.
  • Eldred- N/A

Homo Chimerae
Individuals who have been grafted with the DNA of an animal and who have attained special traits due to the transformation.

  • Jayce-Grafted with lizard DNA, can voluntary camouflage his skin to become virtually invisible. Has a regenerating tail.
  • Julian-Grafted with fish DNA, has gills.
  • Brin-Grafted with goat DNA, hoofed feet, tail, can consume virtually any substance.
  • Grafton-Grafted with dog DNA, has excellent sense of smell.
  • Set-Grafted with bee DNA, has antennae, can manipulate the emotions of others through use of pheromones,
  • Tristan-Grafted with spider DNA, can climb any surface, can produce webbing, and has an extra set of arms.
  • Zorril-Grafted with skunk DNA, has a large furry tail, can produce a very pungent spray.
  • Ammit-Grafted with snake DNA, venomous bite.
  • Maxton-Grafted with ox DNA, extremely strong.
  • Alistar-N/A
  • Merlion- N/A
  • Griffon- N/A
  • Dahu- N/A
  • Enfield- N/A

Three siblings, all very sickly with special abilities. Alexei and Katya were admitted two Brighton Asylum on the suggestion of their family Doctor. Dimitri, their older brother ran away and has not been found in years.

  • Alexei- Transducer, can absorb a mutation from someone else through touch and transfer the mutation to a non-mutant.
  • Katya- Suppressor, can deactivate the mutation of another though touch and sometimes those within proximity.
  • Dimitri- Amplifier, can increase the strength of one’s mutation through touch or proximity.

Krown Files

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