A continent ten leagues north of Valerius, it’s location a main factor lending to it’s extended colder seasons and generally longer nights. Called Rhunland by the dwarves, and Seinland by the Elves.

The origin of Rienland is of debate, the main myth involves the god Sygg raising it up from the ocean and cultivating it. The topography of Rienland includes craggy coasts, verdant forests, cold mountains, vast green flatlands, rolling hills and wetlands nearing large bodies of water. Seemingly to wield the perfect formulae for life.

There are a few main areas upon the island that would be nominally countries if it weren’t for The Pact. Efland called Ellendor, by the elves, meaning Starland; consists of the verdant forests north of Kraggenmoor, Kraggenmooor being tucked away in the Frostfell Mountains. Kvinnaland is the dwarf word for Efland, roughly translating to Womanland. Eldarim is the capitol of Efland. In the south-east lies Dwarland, called Maurlannd in the dwarf tongue, meaning Mountain Lands is home to the Black Mountains where the dwarves of Rienland live. The mountains are of obsidian stone topped with snow. Ashmount is a large mountain holding entrance to Azrak, it is called Ashmount for the many smoke emitting portals from the underground civilization of Azrak, along with the snowy peaks giving the illusion of ash falling from the sky at all times. In the south lies Mannland home of Giliforde Kingdom of Man, famous for their Wolf-Kings and their Aurochs. In the south-east lies Hafland, called Fimbulkud in the Hafling language meaning Great Hole, is rolling hill lands, home to the little people of Rienland and of the Schafwanne forest. A lake called Schrecksee is also found in Hafland. Westwick is the capitol city of the haflings in Hafland. Gnomland is the area near the Crimson Delta inhabited by the gnomes of Rienland, Glitterfjord being the center of Gnomland.

The sixth but uncounted area of Rienland is called Curseland. It is the area encompassing the unmapped areas of the Svartvood, called Bloodwood in the tongue of man. It is the home of orcs, goblins, spiders, trolls, demons and many other vile aberrations. The dead-city of Flangar is said to be within the sunridden forests of Curseland. Curseland lies within the thickest and darkest parts of the Bloodwood Forest between Giliforde and what once was Felden, in Lake Chalco south of Kraggenmoor. It is said that the grace of Sol has not blessed the soil of Curseland in centuries.

Drakkonland is a small area of Rienland in the north surrounding Lake Lakrimo, home to the Lizardfolk and Dragonborn of Rienland. It is a humid swampland area and has never been recognized by the Triumvirate as a legal county, and is thus a source of rebellious and problematic upheaval.


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