The Seven Commandments of Moradin

So follows the commandments of Moradin All-Father. All Dwarves must hold true to these or be forsaken and forever shunned.

I. Honor thy Father and thy Father’s Fathers, for it is through their hard labors that you may know peace and prosperity.

II. Craft all things with the utmost care and dedication to ensure they last forever, for that is the way of the All-Father. From the lowest of stools to the grandest of halls, a Dwarf may never use anything but the best materials and tools and may never leave a job incomplete.

III. Take pride in thyself and thy family for all are creations of the All-Father, the highest of honors. Meet adversity with stoicism and tenacity, for the children of Moradin shall not falter even under the direst circumstances.

IV. No Dwarf, through either action or inaction, will allow harm to befall his fellows. Give generously to those in need and take up axe and hammer without hesitation against those who prey on those weaker than they.

V. Create laws to uphold the will of Moradin, for it is through laws that order and peace may be achieved and maintained.

VI. Dwarf must never kill dwarf unless left with no choice. It is reprehensible to destroy the creations of the All-Father.

VII. Forsake Evil in all of its forms, which are many and subtle. Stand resolute in the face of temptation and act swiftly to quell Evil wherever it is found.

The Seven Commandments of Moradin

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